sub rosa serum

$ 38

Your Secret Weapon to a healthy looking, glowing face! SUB ROSA is loaded with anti-oxidants to fight free radicals. By harmonizing sebum production, SUB ROSA is perfect for anyone with breakouts, dry patches, inflammation or just looking for a healthy glow!

Hemp Oil has been infused with the healing power of Rose Petals.

Doubled down with Rosehip Oil, SUB ROSA works on healing scars, moisturizing skin, and regulating oil production.

Want to nerd out on how this works? Read on... 

Rose Petal Infused Hemp Seed Oil- Doubling down on nourishing benefits here. Hemp oil is my favorite oil for facial serums. Why? It alleviates dry skin, and helps unclog pores, while drawing moisture in.  Massage into acne prone areas to pull out the sebum thats clogging your pore. Use in conjunction with a cleansing balm, and wow. Non-comodogenic, so it won't clog your pores. Rose Petal is anti-bacterial, working wonders on blemished skin, reducing redness + preventing blemishes. 

Rosehip Oil- packed with Vitamins A, C + E, it's packed with nutrients. Vit C protects against free radicals (such as air pollution), and boosts collagen production so your skin stays bouncy! It helps dry skin, acne prone skin, and repairs sun damage. Um YES, we love this stuff.

Clary Sage- reduces redness, inflammation and balances skin whether oily or dry.

Frankincense- anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. Reduces noticeability of scarring, heals infection, + tempers acnes. Wonderful for mature skin

P.S. This serum has an earthy scent profile from the natural infusions, clary sage + frankincense. It does not smell like roses <3


  • Store in a cabinet, away from sunlight.
  • During warmer months, store in fridge for best results.
  • Best used with 6 months of purchase.
  • 5th Dimension lives in the now, so we never use chemicals to preserve. 

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